Corporate Social Responsibility

At Matthews Asia, our commitment to active, long-term investment extends to the communities around the globe in which we live and work. Through our corporate responsibility and philanthropic efforts, we strive to help our local communities reach their full potential.

Local efforts

We believe that an appreciation of sustainable and socially responsible business, health and environmental practices begins in the office, within our own Matthews Asia community. Two of our formal committees illustrate that principle:

Matthews Asia Sustainability Committee

This Committee promotes sustainable business and investment (including environmentally sustainable travel practices) throughout our employee community, as well as health and wellness practices among our staff.

Matthews Asia Corporate Volunteer Committee

This Committee promotes Matthews Asia's “Impact Month,” which encourages employees to give back to local communities and causes in the Bay Area. Through this Committee, we work together to make a difference through local organizations such as the Edith Witt Senior Community, Asian Community Garden, Bush Recreation Center, Treasure Island Job Corp, and Richmond District Neighborhood Center.

Philanthropic work 

Matthews Asia Charitable Giving program

In 2016, we established the Matthews Asia Charitable Giving Program to further expand our philanthropic work. To give back to the communities in which we operate to help achieve their greatest future potential and to support our employees, the Program includes two major components: Grants from Matthews Asia to select partner organizations that conduct their programs across different parts of Asia, and employer matching of individual employees' charitable contributions. 

Room to Read

At Matthews Asia, we believe that literacy is the cornerstone of all learning. Since 2013, we have supported Room to Read, a non-profit organization that seeks to transform the lives of millions of children in developing countries to reach their fullest potential by focusing on literacy and gender equality in education. Our contributions and partnership with Room to Read have supported school libraries and literacy efforts in Nepal, India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

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In addition to re-investing in healthy, vibrant communities through our philanthropic contributions, Matthews Asia has committed to incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations within the very fabric of our investment process.

In February 2016, Matthews Asia became a signatory to the UNPRI. By doing so, we committed ourselves to consider the investment implications of ESG issues within our portfolio management and decision making processes, when appropriate and when consistent with our fiduciary duties. At Matthews Asia, we believe consideration of ESG issues is particularly relevant in Asia, where we find many of the world's sustainability challenges—and potential solutions.

Since our founding in 1991, a cornerstone of our investment process has been a focus on identifying companies that adhere to good corporate governance practices with respect to minority shareholders. The broader consideration of environmental and social issues into the investment approach is a natural evolution of that investment process.

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Read about our Responsible Investment Approach here.

Management Team

Our executive management team has the expertise, client focus and commitment to ensure that we meet the needs of our investors as well as our employees.

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At Matthews Asia we recognize that in order to achieve our aim of delivering an exceptional client experience, it requires attracting, developing and retaining our employees. We seek individuals that have the ability to contribute to the success of our business and have the potential to become leaders within our organization. All of our employees demonstrate a passion and understanding of Asia and work in a culture that is open and collaborative while supportive of diversity of thought. Above all, our employees recognize the need to place the interests of our clients first and act with integrity and responsibility. 

We place particular emphasis on diversity and inclusion, recognizing that these are important ingredients to a successful company, encouraging different viewpoints, new perspectives, bringing innovative ideas and challenging common held beliefs. 

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Matthews Culture Committee

As Matthews Asia has expanded, particularly in recent years by opening new offices around the world and welcoming additional employees to the firm, we have recognized the need to ensure our culture and long-held values continue to set us apart and define who we are. 

The Matthews Asia Culture Committee was founded by our CEO, Bill Hackett, with an aim to ensure all employees understand and uphold the shared values of our culture—to maintain a culture of collaboration, flexibility and respect. We view all our employees as ambassadors of the firm and expect them to act with integrity, initiative and always put the interests of our investors first.