Our History

Matthews Asia was founded by Paul Matthews in 1991 on his belief that Asia could offer exceptional long-term growth potential for investors. When Paul first visited Asia in 1979 on a research trip, many of the countries were closed to foreign investment. And with the exceptions of Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan, most were also very under-developed. But as he worked in the region over the course of several years and witnessed its transformation, Paul became convinced that Asia's growth was likely to outpace that of the rest of the world. 

Over nearly three decades, our firm's history has been closely entwined with the economic, political and social development of Asia. The steady growth of our firm is rooted in the evolution of Asia's markets and the complex, rapidly-changing region. And our belief in the long-term growth of Asia was forged through a number of extremely volatile episodes, from the Asian Financial Crisis in the late 1990s, to the SARS crisis, to a range of geopolitical scares, to the bursting of China's equity bubble and the recent global financial crisis. These challenges have tested and ultimately strengthened Matthews Asia's original, long-term investment philosophy. 


Matthews Asia ex Japan Dividend Fund and Asia Credit Opportunities inception, available for non-U.S. investors
Matthews Japan available for non-U.S. investors


Matthews Asia Strategic Income available for non-U.S. investors


Matthews China Dividend and Asia Small Companies available for non-U.S. investors


Matthews China Small Companies available for non-U.S. investors


Matthews India available for non-U.S. investors
Matthews Asia Total Return Bond and China Small Companies inception


Matthews Asia introduces strategies for non-U.S. investors - Matthews Asia Dividend, Pacific Tiger, and China Dividend


Matthews China Dividend inception


Matthews Asia Small Companies inception


Matthews Asia Dividend inception


Matthews India inception


Matthews Asia Growth inception


Matthews Asia Innovators inception


Matthews China inception
Matthews Japan inception


Matthews Korea inception


Matthews Asia introduces Matthews Pacific Tiger and Matthews Asian Growth and Income


Firm launches an investment vehicle for the Asia ex-Japan region


G. Paul Matthews founds Matthews International Capital Management