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Listen to Market Insights where David Dali, Head of Portfolio Strategy, hosts experts from our investment team to discuss investment news, economic trends and market events.

15 September 2020

How China Tackles the Coronavirus

Julia Zhu, China Macro Analyst, discusses her personal experience of China's exhaustive program to control the coronavirus. On a recent journey from Hong Kong to China, she encountered an extensive set of protocols including frequent testing and quarantine. 

31 August 2020

Japan's Markets Today with Portfolio Manager Shuntaro Takeuchi

In terms of Japan's equity markets, Shuntaro's outlook favors innovative, tech companies focused on labor productivity and healthcare. He points out that country's next prime minister is likely to continue supportive fiscal and monetary policies to help address the recession.  

18 August 2020

Gauging Progress Toward Economic Recovery with CIO Robert J. Horrocks, PhD

Chief Investment Officer Robert J. Horrocks, PhD, sees progress toward economic recovery around the world, including Asia. He discusses the recent headlines, the impact of fiscal stimulus by central banks, and sectors that stand to benefit in the current environment.