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17 November 2020

Balancing Growth and Income with a Total Return Approach

Portfolio Manager Yu Zhang, CFA, provides a timely update on Asian equity markets and discusses dividend investment opportunities in the region. As economic growth rebounds, small and mid-cap stocks may offer opportunities for capturing growth and income, while improving diversification.

03 November 2020

A Spotlight on Indian Equities with Portfolio Manager Peeyush Mittal, CFA

Indian equities have been some of the strongest regional performers across Asia, despite the elevated COVID-19 infection rates. Economic activity has continued to improve but are valuations running ahead of fundamentals? Portfolio Manager Peeyush Mittal provides an update and examines if opportunities in India's emerging industries will be sustainable. 

13 October 2020

A Closer Look at Asia Dividends and Markets

Robert Horrocks, Chief Investment Officer, examines the factors contributing to Asia dividends' resilience in a challenging year, and discusses macroeconomic trends impacting global markets.