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13 October 2020

A Closer Look at Asia Dividends and Markets

Robert Horrocks, Chief Investment Officer, examines the factors contributing to Asia dividends' resilience in a challenging year, and discusses macroeconomic trends impacting global markets.

15 September 2020

How China Tackles the Coronavirus

Julia Zhu, China Macro Analyst, discusses her personal experience of China's exhaustive program to control the coronavirus. On a recent journey from Hong Kong to China, she encountered an extensive set of protocols including frequent testing and quarantine. 

31 August 2020

Japan's Markets Today with Portfolio Manager Shuntaro Takeuchi

In terms of Japan's equity markets, Shuntaro's outlook favors innovative, tech companies focused on labor productivity and healthcare. He points out that country's next prime minister is likely to continue supportive fiscal and monetary policies to help address the recession.  

18 August 2020

Gauging Progress Toward Economic Recovery with CIO Robert J. Horrocks, PhD

Chief Investment Officer Robert J. Horrocks, PhD, sees progress toward economic recovery around the world, including Asia. He discusses the recent headlines, the impact of fiscal stimulus by central banks, and sectors that stand to benefit in the current environment.

04 August 2020

China's Economy and Politics with Investment Strategist Andy Rothman

Andy Rothman provides an up-to-date analysis on China's economy and politics and shares his insights on why China is likely to be the one major economy to show growth this year.

07 July 2020

New Economy Sectors and Asia's Recovery with Portfolio Manager Michael J. Oh, CFA

Michael provides a framework for understanding the economic influence of Asia's innovative sectors and digital-forward companies—especially those in China. He also interprets recent spikes in P/E multiples and considers prospects for economic recovery in the region.

23 June 2020

Finding Opportunity in Dividend Stocks with Portfolio Manager Joyce Li, CFA

In Asia's new economy sectors, dividend-paying companies are holding up and recovering from economic shocks — especially compared to those in U.S. and Europe. Joyce also notes that corporate governance standards are improving across emerging markets and creating opportunities for investors. 

09 June 2020

Understanding China's Equity Markets with Portfolio Manager Winnie Chwang

Winnie Chwang evaluates China's economic recovery and the growing opportunity in sectors like IT and health care. She also considers implications of ongoing integration between China's on- and off-shore stock markets. 

26 May 2020

Featured guest: Andy Rothman, Investment Strategist

Investment Strategist Andy Rothman analyzes the current economic and political climate in China. He also provides an outlook for the country’s economy and U.S. – China relations.

19 May 2020

Featured guest: Shuntaro Takeuchi, Portfolio Manager

Despite reports of an economic recession in Japan, Portfolio Manager Shuntaro Takeuchi sees resilience in the country’s equity markets. He believes that COVID-19 may accelerate trends in sectors such as healthcare, technology and industrials.

12 May 2020

Featured guest: Peeyush Mittal, CFA, Portfolio Manager

Portfolio Manager Peeyush Mittal reviews India's response to COVID-19 and evaluates the country's economic outlook.

28 April 2020

Featured guest: Michael Oh, CFA, Portfolio Manager

Portfolio Manager Michael Oh discusses which countries, sectors or themes are likely to demonstrate resilience in today’s economic environment.

14 April 2020

Featured guest: Robert Horrocks, PhD, CIO

Join host David Dali, Head of Portfolio Strategy, for an interview with Robert Horrocks, PhD, CIO. Horrocks breaks down economic impact of COVID-19 as well as the risks and opportunities ahead for long-term investors.

07 April 2020

Featured guests: Andrew Mattock, CFA, Portfolio Manager and Hardy Zhu, Senior Research Analyst

This week's host Jeremy Murden is joined by Senior Research Analyst Hardy Zhu who discusses his experiences living in Shanghai over the past few months and how life is slowly returning to normal. He is also joined by Portfolio Manager Andrew Mattock to discuss where he is finding new investment opportunities in China.

31 March 2020

Featured guest: Sharat Shroff, CFA, Portfolio Manager

Portfolio Manager Sharat Shroff shares a perspective about how Asia›s economies, markets and sectors are adapting in today›s environment.

24 March 2020

Featured guest: Andy Rothman, Investment Strategist

Investment Strategist Andy Rothman provides an update on COVID-19 response across the globe. He also addresses the status of China›s economy and markets.

17 March 2020

Featured guest: Teresa Kong, CFA, Portfolio Manager

Portfolio Manager Teresa Kong joins Dave Dali in conversation about interest rates and fixed income markets throughout Asia.