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Special reports on topics relevant to Asia's markets.

Featured Updates

Matthews Asia Perspective  19 October 2020

E-commerce Sizzles

Across emerging markets, growth in e-commerce accelerates as the pandemic reshapes consumers' shopping patterns.

Matthews Asia Perspective  12 October 2020

ESG's Early Adopters

“In emerging markets, many exchanges and regulators are setting forth enhanced standards, often aimed at bolstering shareholder protections and corporate disclosure requirements.”

Matthews Asia Perspective  07 October 2020

The Resilience of Cities

Across emerging markets, urban consumption provides ballast and stability to a number of sectors and industries.

Matthews Asia Perspective  30 September 2020

China's Investment in Developing Economies

Emerging markets are developing richer, more consumer-led economies as China expands its infrastructure investments and trade relationships.

Matthews Asia Perspective  23 September 2020

Innovation in Action: Five Questions for Michael Oh, CFA, Portfolio Manager, Matthews Asia

Innovative companies are reshaping Asia's investment landscape, as older industries recede and newer business models take their place. Investing with a long-term view, Portfolio Manager Michael Oh seeks to understand what the market for innovative growth companies may look like in the next five to 10 years. In this Q&A, we sit down with Michael and discuss his approach to capturing the growth of Asia.

Matthews Asia Perspective  02 September 2020

2020: A COVID Quarantine Odyssey

China Macro Analyst Julia Zhu returned to Mainland China in August to visit her parents, giving her a first-hand look at one aspect of the incredibly intensive program for controlling the coronavirus.  

Matthews Asia Perspective  31 August 2020

Japan Election and Macro Update

As Japan considers Prime Minister Abe's successor, fiscal and monetary policy appears to be remaining stable and Japanese corporate profits are climbing back from COVID-19 impact, at least for now. 

Matthews Asia Perspective  07 July 2020

Asia's Information Technology Leap

Software and hardware companies are supporting new forms of consumption in Asia, such as the growing popularity of online games. Portfolio managers Sharat Shroff and Inbok Song discuss the opportunity set for long-term investors.

Matthews Asia Perspective  22 May 2020

A View of China Real Estate with 2020 Lens

In our latest Perspective, we explore some of the long-term structural reasons as to why the China real estate sector has been resilient and why we expect this resilience to continue going forward.

Matthews Asia Perspective  22 May 2020

U.S. and China: A World of Two Asset Classes?

As we look at emerging from the coronavirus pandemic, it is now becoming clear that there may be some long-lasting impacts to the world that will affect politics, economics and investments. Are we heading towards a world of two asset classes: the U.S. and China? 

Matthews Asia Perspective  16 April 2020

Q&A with Teresa Kong

In this short Q&A, Teresa Kong, Portfolio Manager, provides her insights on the economic impact of the coronavirus and where she sees risks and opportunities, and why the current prices could represent a once in a decade opportunity to buy Asia high yield.

Matthews Asia Perspective  19 March 2020

How Low Can We Go?

Policymakers globally are being extra vigilant to prevent a repeat of the liquidity issues that froze banks and capital markets during the Global Financial Crisis. Are these measures going to be effective? Is monetary policy potent in the current times?

Matthews Asia Perspective  04 March 2020

Q&A with Teresa Kong, Portfolio Manager

While the coronavirus COVID-19 has been stabilizing in China, the rest of the world is still grappling with unknowns. This is especially true in the U.S. In this short Q&A, Teresa Kong, Portfolio Manager, provides her market insights.

Matthews Asia Perspective  29 January 2020

Wuhan Coronavirus

Matthews Asia CIO Robert Horrocks, PhD, and Investment Strategist Andy Rothman offer their perspectives on the Coronavirus and its possible impact on China's governance and economy. 

Matthews Asia Perspective  15 January 2020

The Alpha Potential in Japan's Small Caps

The potential to generate alpha by investing in Japan's small companies is driven by multiple factors: thin sell-side research coverage, an undersize venture-capital funding environment and low correlations to other asset classes.

Matthews Asia Perspective  30 December 2019

The 2020 Outlook for Southeast Asia

The best environment would be moderate U.S. growth, a sideways U.S. market and a weaker U.S. dollar.

Matthews Asia Perspective  13 December 2019

Matthews Pacific Tiger Fund Outlook

Services Sectors Shine in China; India's Reforms Benefit Entrepreneurs

In this Q&A, Lead Manager Sharat Shroff discusses his outlook for 2020 and trends he is following on the ground in Asia.

Matthews Asia Perspective  21 August 2019

The Promise of 'Belt and Road'

China's ambitious infrastructure initiative points to the potential of global cooperation.

Matthews Asia Perspective  16 August 2019

Decoding Hong Kong's Protests

Protests in Hong Kong create a political balancing act for China. With the world watching, a patient approach may be in China's best interest.

Matthews Asia Perspective  09 August 2019

Management, Not Manipulation

We believe China is managing, not manipulating, its currency. The country's central bank aims to maintain a stable exchange rate amid trade-related volatility

Matthews Asia Perspective  31 May 2019

Our Latest Views on the U.S.-China Trade Dispute

U.S.–China trade concerns continue to weigh on global markets. Matthews Asia offers its perspective on how the dispute affects the long-term investment landscape

Matthews Asia Perspective  08 April 2019

Asia Credit Spreads Look Rewarding

We recently sat down with Matthews Asia Portfolio Managers Teresa Kong and Satya Patel to discuss the appeal of Asia corporate bonds for bond investors seeking global diversification.

Matthews Asia Perspective  02 April 2019

Thailand's Election Update

With Thailand's election results still uncertain, what are the likely scenarios?

Matthews Asia Perspective  25 February 2019

Four Key Elections in Asia to Watch

What investors should expect from upcoming elections in Thailand, Indonesia, India and the Philippines.

Matthews Asia Perspective  08 February 2019

Assessing Valuations in India's Stock Market

When considering the prospects for India's stock market, key factors of performance are the growth outlook and underlying valuations.

Matthews Asia Perspective  18 December 2018

Japan's New Growth Drivers

Matthews Asia Portfolio Manager Taizo Ishida discusses the evolution of Japan's equity market over the past two decades—and the opportunities that may lie ahead.

Matthews Asia Perspective  20 November 2018

China's Growing Stable of Unicorns

Unicorns are being funded in China faster than anywhere in the world and China's largest technology companies control nearly half of these highly valued startups. What does this mean for investors?

Matthews Asia Perspective  06 September 2018

China Takes Leading Role on Global Trade

Matthews Asia CIO Robert Horrocks says China's leadership on free trade is an important reason to invest in the growth of Asia.

Matthews Asia Perspective  20 August 2018

Are Turkey's Troubles Contagious?

Turkey's crisis may offer investors the opportunity to build positions in ASEAN countries and India. 

Matthews Asia Perspective  21 June 2018

Our Views on the U.S.-China Trade Dispute

U.S.-China trade concerns have been weighing on investors. Matthews Asia examines the strength of China's underlying fundamentals, the rate of its middle class expansion and domestic consumption.

Matthews Asia Perspective  12 June 2018

New Chapter for Korean Peninsula

South Korea's economy may benefit from closer ties to North Korea, but costs and risks remain.

Matthews Asia Perspective  16 May 2018

Asia's Stability Makes It Poised for Growth

Matthews Asia CIO Robert Horrocks says Asia's political and economic environment looks strong for the region's long-term growth prospects.

Matthews Asia Perspective  08 May 2018

Malaysia Elections Update

Malaysia's 14th general election delivered a surprise win for the opposition.

Matthews Asia Perspective  10 April 2018

Indonesia's Green Shoots

While lackluster domestic demand led Indonesian equities to be eclipsed last year by equity markets in North Asia, Matthews Asia holds a more constructive view on Indonesia given recent signs of growth.

Matthews Asia Perspective  21 March 2018

After the Fall

Matthews Asia CIO Robert Horrocks says any declines in Asia’s markets in response to the U.S. are likely to lead to the emergence of cheap valuations far sooner than anywhere in the West.

Matthews Asia Perspective  31 January 2018

Off to a Wild Beginning in 2018

Matthews Asia CIO Robert Horrocks says Asia is still the world’s fastest-growing region and remains optimistic about the environment for corporate profits and investment in the region.

Matthews Asia Perspective  19 December 2017

Perspective: Looking for an Entry Point into Japan's Equity Market

Current index levels in Japan’s equity markets have approached bubble-era highs recently, raising the question of whether now would be an appropriate time to enter the market. We believe some caution is warranted in the short term, but we believe there is no reason to avoid investing in Japan altogether.

Matthews Asia Perspective  11 December 2017

Uncovering Opportunities in Asia's Tech Sector

Shares of some large-capitalization tech companies in Asia have delivered strong performance so far this year, driving up the tech sector weighting relative to the broader market. Do these types of stocks represent the best opportunities in Asia’s tech sector right now?

Matthews Asia Perspective  08 December 2017

Looking Beyond Benchmarks for Emerging Market Bonds

The emerging market (EM) asset class could use a re-examination. This is particularly needed as underlying EM regions tend to diverge by fundamentals and EM bond benchmarks continue to demonstrate shortcomings. Matthews Asia Portfolio Manager Teresa Kong examines this issue.

Matthews Asia Perspective  29 August 2017

ASEAN at 50: Thriving Region Offers Investors Compelling Opportunities

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) marks its 50-year anniversary this year. With increasingly deep capital markets, including more than 4,300 listed companies, the ASEAN region provides investors with access to the compounding growth potential of these dynamic economies.

Matthews Asia Perspective  20 June 2017

Q&A: MSCI Includes China A-Shares

China’s A-shares get the green light. What should investors know about this development?

Matthews Asia Perspective  23 May 2017

The Case for Asia Credit Amid Rising Rates and Inflation

When it comes to enhancing portfolio yield and diversification, Asia offers compelling opportunities. But not all Asian markets are the same, and in some cases, cultural influences should be considered. Portfolio Managers Teresa Kong, CFA, and Satya Patel, explain how they navigate rising rates and inflation.

Matthews Asia Perspective  31 March 2017

Mainland China-Hong Kong Bond Market Connect

Given the recent flurry of announcements relating to the inclusion of Chinese bonds in various global bond indices and the announcement of the upcoming China-Hong Kong bond, we sat down with Teresa Kong to get a better understanding of the context and implications of these developments.

Matthews Asia Perspective  07 March 2017

Why Invest in Asia in an Age of Confrontation?

Rather than getting pulled into the noise of today’s political climate, stay focused on the fundamentals around economic growth. Matthews Asia Chief Investment Officer, Robert Horrocks, PhD, reminds investors of the factors that trends can’t change.

Matthews Asia Perspective  18 January 2017

Dollar Strength

Matthews Asia CIO and Portfolio Manager Robert Horrocks, PhD, examines the factors behind the U.S. dollar’s rally.

Matthews Asia Perspective  24 June 2015

More than Modi, The Case for Indian Equities

The Indian equity market was one of the world’s strongest performers in 2014. But, so far this year, performance hasn’t been as spectacular. While the vision that Prime Minister Modi has for India is positive, expectations have run ahead of execution. So does the investment case for allocating to India’s equity market still hold? 

Market Update  15 April 2015

Video: Ghostly? China's Property Market Reconsidered

While the media continues to predict China’s imminent collapse, Andy Rothman, Investment Strategist, shares insights from a recent research trip to the region and helps investors reconsider China’s property market. As the world’s best consumption story, Andy explains why he believes China’s very soft property market is unlikely to result in a housing crisis.