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SupChina  05 March 2017

Podcast: Trump and Xi Jinping: What lies ahead?

A freewheeling discussion of China policy under Trump with Matthews Asia Investment Strategist Andy Rothman. The discussion covered how the presidency of Donald Trump will affect trade, politics, the international order, currency policies, and several other sides of the American relationship with China.

Money, Riches & Wealth  01 February 2017

Podcast: Thoughts on Asia as a Whole and China in Particular

In this podcast, Matthews Asia Investment Strategist Andy Rothman shares his views on what the election results may mean for China. Andy will also explain how China has rebalanced its economy away from a focus on exports to become the world's best consumer story.

SupChina  12 October 2016

Podcast: Why China Bears are Wrong: An Interview with Andy Rothman

In this podcast, Matthews Asia Investment Strategist Andy Rothman shares his views on everything from the rebalancing of the Chinese economy to debt, the property bubble, the consumer story and politics.

Investment Week  16 July 2016

If you have a 12-month view on Asia, then don't buy a Matthews Asia fund

Robert Horrocks, PhD, CIO and Portfolio Manager, talks about 'long termism' in Asia, why pressures to devalue the renminbi are a good thing for China, and how he is attempting to boost the group's AUM by diversifying its client base in the UK.

International Adviser  11 January 2016

Fund Manager Profile: Chinese Whispers

As Matthews Asia launches an Asia ex Japan Dividend Fund, Robert Horrocks, PhD, CIO and Portfolio Manager, dispels headline fears over the future of economic growth in China.

Bloomberg  08 January 2016

Video: What China's Markets Aren't Telling Us

In this Bloomberg segment, Andy Rothman, Investment Strategist, discusses what the Chinese markets aren’t telling us, and why we shouldn’t be so concerned over the recent selloff.

CNBC  04 January 2016

Video: China Selloff Not a Sign of a Worsening Economy

In this CNBC video, Andy Rothman, Investment Strategist, tempers fears on what the recent selloff means for China’s economy.

Bloomberg  30 October 2015

Video: Why China Decided to End Its One-Child Policy

In this Bloomberg segment, Andy Rothman, Investment Strategist, discusses why China ended its one-child policy and the implications that will have on their economy.

Citywire  10 July 2015

Resilient, Flexible and Quality Management

The challenges around the reform process in India are causing some investors to question the investment case for the country. However, Sunil Asnani, Lead Manager of the Matthews India Fund, believes the country offers investors a persuasive long-term investment proposition for those willing to seek out firms that can carve their own destiny throughout economic cycles and are not dependent on the reform process.

CNBC Power Lunch  10 July 2015

Video: Andy Rothman on China's Equity Markets

In this edition of CNBC Power Lunch, Andy Rothman, Investment Strategist, discusses the recent decline in Chinese stocks and the impact on China’s economy. 

Investment Adviser  22 June 2015

India: Beyond Modi

The Modi government has succeeded in making incremental reforms such as improving bureaucratic efficiency and accountability, and it has been able to clear many previously stalled projects that were in need of government approval. But more structural, legislative reforms, such as those that pertain to land, labor and taxation may be more difficult to achieve over the short term. Sunil Asnani, Lead Manager of the Matthews India Fund, shares why he believes India will thrive over the long term, regardless of any challenging political developments in the short run.

Citywire  01 March 2015

Exploring the Asian Dividend Opportunity

Citywire Source shines a spotlight on the Matthews Asia Dividend fund with independent analysis and an in-depth interview with lead manager Yu Zhang.

Asset tv  02 June 2014

Video: Andy Rothman, Perspectives on China

Andy Rothman, Investment Strategist, debunks some of the key misconceptions  investors have about the world’s second-largest economy. China’s pace of growth remains high relative to other large economies, and it is occurring from a much larger base than before. As the drivers of structural growth shift from the public to the private sector, the growing pains are real but China remains the world’s biggest consumption story.

Market Update  20 December 2013

Video: Robert Horrocks on Dividends in Asia

When investors think about dividends, they often think in terms of yield. In this Citywire video interview, Robert Horrocks, PhD, CIO and Portfolio Manager, explains why he believes dividends play a more fundamental role in investment in Asia than just yield, and offers his views on the sustainability of growth in the region.

Investment Week  03 June 2013

Finding India's Chosen Few

What holds true for the whole of India’s economy does not necessarily apply to its constituent businesses. In this Investment Week article, Sunil Asnani, Lead Manager of the Matthews India Fund, discusses the opportunities that India’s macro environment presents for some of the country’s most nimble firms.