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Sinology by Andy Rothman: A Year of Living Less Dangerously
Macro data for 2019 should set the stage for healthy economy and stronger market sentiment in China in 2020, but is there a risk of a return to tense relations between Washington and Beijing in 2021 and beyond? 
The U.S.–China trade deal announced on Friday is disappointing. What does it mean for investors? 
Sinology by Andy Rothman: Stepping Back From the Brink?
A trade deal is expected when Presidents Trump and Xi meet in November, but even if the talks fail, Sinology explains why China can mitigate the impact and maintain the world's best consumer story.
Sinology explains how the decision by the Trump administration to tag China as a currency manipulator was either a sign of panic, or a cunning plan. Or a bit of both.
Sinology by Andy Rothman: Boring!
Chinese government economists in Beijing have indicated that, while they are prepared to intervene with stimulus if current conditions deteriorate, investors should not anticipate material changes to monetary and fiscal policy. Sinology takes a look at the latest China economic data.
Sinology by Andy Rothman: Has Trump Re-set U.S.-China Relations?
Following U.S. President Donald Trump's recent Asia trip, Sinology explains why prospects seem brighter for an improved broader U.S.–China relationship.
Sinology by Andy Rothman: The World's Cheapest Stimulus
Sinology explains how China's government was able to boost investor sentiment and real economic activity without resorting to an expensive stimulus.
Sinology by Andy Rothman: China's Debt Problem
Sinology explains that the key to understanding China's debt problem is that it is the result of state banks lending to state firms at the direction of the state, so there is no mark-to-market pressure.
Sinology by Andy Rothman: Has the China Collapse Finally Arrived?
Our January Sinology explains that China's economy did not slow sharply in 4Q18.  Growth rates of household consumption and private investment actually accelerated.
Sinology by Andy Rothman: A Truce Over Steak and Malbec
Our December Sinology explores the change in the tone and direction of the bilateral conversation between the U.S. and China, favoring engagement over confrontation. Can this provide a short-term boost to business confidence?
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