Matthews Asia Announces Launch of the China Dividend Fund and the China Small Companies Fund for Hong Kong Retail Investors

Matthews Asia has today announced the registration of two Luxembourg-domiciled UCITS funds, Matthews China Dividend Fund and the Matthews China Small Companies Fund in Hong Kong for retail investors. 

San Francisco, CA, April 12, 2013—Matthews Asia (“Matthews”) has today announced the registration of two Luxembourg-domiciled UCITS funds, Matthews China Dividend Fund (Class A Acc. ISIN: LU0871673132) and the Matthews China Small Companies Fund (Class A Acc. ISIN: LU0721876364) in Hong Kong for retail investors. The Matthews China Dividend Fund provides investors with an opportunity to gain exposure to a portfolio dedicated exclusively to investing in Chinese dividend-paying companies while the Matthews China Small Companies Fund gains exposure to a portfolio dedicated exclusively to investing in Chinese small companies.

Matthews China Dividend Fund
The Matthews China Dividend Fund will seek to invest in companies that are well-positioned to grow future dividends while providing an attractive dividend yield. In designing the Fund, Matthews noted that Asia Pacific has evolved into one of the premier regions for investors seeking growing dividends and yield. The universe of dividend-paying companies in Asia Pacific—and in particular China—has expanded significantly. Over 840 Chinese companies paid dividends in 2011, compared with about 240 companies in 1998. Total dividend payment increased from about US$8 billion in 1998 to more than US$72 billion.

The Matthews China Dividend strategy has been available to investors in the U.S. since 2009, and delivered a three-year annualized return of 9.85% versus a benchmark return of 0.77%1. The UCITS fund will follow the same investment approach and is managed by the same team of Yu Zhang, CFA, and Jesper Madsen, CFA. The same team also oversees the Matthews Asia Dividend strategy, which launched in 2006 in the U.S. and in 2010 as a Luxembourg-based UCITS fund.
Yu Zhang, Lead Portfolio Manager comments:
“China’s capital markets initially attracted investors for the growth potential but the country’s equity markets have evolved significantly over the past 10 years such that they have become among the largest and fastest-growing markets in Asia in terms of dividend payments. We now have the ability to invest in a growing universe of dividend-paying companies offering both attractive current yields as well as the potential for future dividend growth.”
Jonathan Schuman, Head of Global Business Development adds:
“We believe dividends represent an important part of an investor’s total return and in today’s low-yielding environment, there continues to be strong demand for funds that can deliver a higher level of income. We are therefore pleased to offer this new Fund, which will invest in Chinese companies that have attractive dividend yields and the potential to grow their dividends over the long term.
Matthews Asia has over 20 years of experience investing in Asia, and we believe this focus gives us the ability to identify companies with strong business models and good growth prospects that can deliver sustainable dividend growth. The launch of the Matthews China Dividend Fund forms part of a broader strategic initiative to deliver our core capabilities to retail and institutional investors outside of the U.S.”
Matthews China Small Companies Fund
The Matthews China Small Companies Fund will seek long-term capital appreciation by investing in the stocks of companies in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan with market capitalizations generally under US$3 billion. The number of publicly listed small Chinese companies (excluding A shares, which are not readily available to foreign investors) has nearly doubled in the past five years and now exceeds 1,000. Managed by Richard Gao, and co-managed by Henry Zhang, CFA, the Fund represents the firm’s third dedicated China strategy. The firm’s other China offerings include the Matthews China and Matthews China Dividend Funds.
The Matthews China Small Companies strategy has been available to investors in the U.S. since 2011. The UCITS fund will follow the same investment approach and is managed by the same team of Richard Gao and Henry Zhang, CFA.
Richard Gao, Lead Portfolio Manager comments:
While large state-owned enterprises have long dominated China’s investment universe, we are seeing small companies benefiting from the country’s shift to a market economy. Matthews has a long history of investing in China and in our experience, investing in the initial stages of a company’s growth has the potential to be very rewarding. Small companies often provide opportunities for higher growth at lower valuations.
Robert Horrocks, PhD, Matthews Asia Chief Investment Officer adds:
In our view, the world’s most populous country is an asset class in itself and affords the opportunity to pursue a variety of strategies. We are excited to be able to offer a new strategy with which investors can access China’s rapidly expanding universe of small companies.
 Performance for the U.S.-domiciled Matthews China Dividend Fund (Investor Class) as of 31/03/2013. 

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About Matthews
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U.S. Dollar Share Class Information:

Matthews China Dividend Fund

Share Class     ISIN     SEDOL
A Acc  LU0871673132     B72X7Q0
A Dist LU0875300609 B7R57P0
I Acc LUO871673488 B99JYB9
I Dist LU0875301086 B8N3J04

Matthews China Small Companies Fund

Share Class     ISIN     SEDOL
 A Acc   LU0721876364            B6T1MX2
 I Acc  LU0721876877            B6T9RS6

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