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For investors seeking growth and diversification, Asia presents a uniquely compelling opportunity. Our range of country-specific to pan-regional and global emerging markets investment solutions provide diverse exposure across sectors, themes and market capitalization.

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Matthews Asia recognizes that no two portfolios are alike. Our investment solutions address different asset allocation needs and offer multiple ways to access growth opportunities in Asia and broader emerging markets. With Matthews Asia, investors can tap into the power of Asia’s vibrant growth via a range of specialized strategies—all driven by an active, fundamental approach.

Asia: A Hub of Innovation

No longer a place where everything is produced, but nothing is invented, Asia is riding a wave of homegrown innovation with long-term investment implications. Today, companies in Asia are well-positioned to take the lead in many key sectors and industries that are benefiting from innovations from biotechnology and artificial intelligence to new banking frontiers and electric vehicle industry. Our rigorous proprietary research forms our insights into investment opportunities and risks to help identify the most attractive growth opportunities in Asia.

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A Different View on Asia’s Growth Opportunities

Asia offers investors diverse income opportunities, yet many portfolios take a narrow approach to the region. Find out how we use our expertise investing in dividend companies to identify attractive growth opportunities that can also potentially lower portfolio volatility.

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The China Opportunity

Institutional portfolios commonly get exposure to China through a broad emerging market mandate which is typically weighted to large-cap “old economy” sectors. However, a new global study from Greenwich Associates reveals how institutions are planning to optimize their exposure to China—a well-established growth powerhouse. With a focus on the Asian consumer, innovative companies in China are channeling the buying power of a new, influential middle class greater exposure to domestic consumption and “new economy” companies.

China's Investment Story


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Our investment strategies provide diverse exposure across sectors, themes and market capitalization to capitalize on some of the newest and most-compelling long-term opportunities we see in the market. Explore key characteristics of our Funds, including objectives and performance to find the fund that's right for your portfolio.