Matthews Asia Announces Launch of Asia Ex Japan Dividend Fund

Matthews Asia has announced the expansion of its Luxembourg-domiciled UCITS fund range today with the launch of the Matthews Asia ex Japan Dividend Fund.

San Francisco, CA, 30 November 2015—Matthews Asia has announced the expansion of its Luxembourg-domiciled UCITS fund range today with the launch of the Matthews Asia ex Japan Dividend Fund (Class I Dis. ISIN: LU1311311432; Class A Dis. ISIN: LU1311310624).

The Fund will be co-led by Yu Zhang, CFA, and Robert Horrocks, PhD, CIO, the same experienced investment team that manages the firm’s flagship Asia Dividend strategy. The Matthews Asia ex Japan Dividend Fund will seek to generate an attractive total return by investing in companies that provide stable dividend income as well as companies that are positioned to grow future dividends.

The Fund aims to take advantage of both the size of the dividend pool in Asia as well as its attractive dividend growth rate. The size of dividends paid by companies in Asia ex Japan has expanded significantly in recent years, totaling about US$220 billion. Additionally, dividend growth in Asia ex Japan continues to outpace growth rates in developed markets at approximately 12.2% annually.

The Matthews Asia ex Japan Dividend strategy will follow the same investment approach as the Matthews Asia Dividend strategy, which Matthews Asia launched in 2006 as a U.S. mutual fund and has managed since 2010 as a Luxembourg-based UCITS fund.

Yu Zhang, CFA, Lead Manager comments, “Asia’s capital markets have traditionally attracted investors for their earnings growth potential but Asia is also among the largest and fastest-growing markets globally in terms of dividend payments. Compared to many Asian equity income funds that predominantly focus on high-yielding stocks, our approach is to invest in companies that offer both attractive current yields as well as companies that offer the potential for future dividend growth. Based on our experience managing dividend portfolios in Asia for the past decade, we believe this approach is an effective way to generate income while providing the potential for consistent returns with reduced volatility.”

Jonathan Schuman, Head of Global Business Development added, “Asia’s equity markets continue to play a meaningful role in meeting investors’ ongoing need for income solutions. We have experienced great success with our flagship Asia Dividend strategy since its inception in 2006, but we also recognize that many investors distinguish Japan from the rest of Asia in their portfolio construction. The Matthews Asia ex Japan Dividend Fund meets the market demand for an Asia ex-Japan income product through an investment approach that has served our clients well over the course of multiple market cycles.”

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