Matthews Expands Fund Distribution to UK and Switzerland

Matthews International Capital Management, LLC, announced that the Matthews Asia Funds are now available for public offer and sale to investors in the United Kingdom and Switzerland.

San Francisco, CA, 8 February 2011–Matthews International Capital Management, LLC (“Matthews”), the largest dedicated Asia investment specialist in the United States, announced that the Matthews Asia Funds are now available for public offer and sale to investors in the United Kingdom and Switzerland. The Matthews Asia Funds are domiciled in Luxembourg and offer the following three strategies: Asia Dividend, Pacific Tiger (Asia ex-Japan) and China.

Since the launch of Matthews’ Luxembourg-domiciled UCITS in February 2010, the firm has been committed to expanding its European distribution. “Given the size and importance of the United Kingdom and Switzerland in Europe’s financial markets, we are delighted that our entire range of SICAV funds is now available in these countries," said William J. Hackett, Chief Executive Officer of Matthews.

“We are excited to bring Matthews’ distinctive investment approach to European investors who will benefit from our long-term focus on Asia,” added Jonathan Schuman, Head of Global Business Development at Matthews.

The Matthews Asia Funds that are available to European investors employ similar investment strategies as Matthews’ U.S.-based Asia Dividend, Pacific Tiger and China portfolios. They are managed by the same investment team, utilizing Matthews’ bottom-up, fundamental investment philosophy. Matthews’ San Francisco headquarters remains the single strategic location for investment decision making and portfolio management.

About Matthews
Matthews is an independent, privately owned investment management firm and the largest dedicated Asia investment specialist in the United States. Founded in 1991, Matthews believes in the long-term growth of Asia and has focused its efforts and expertise within the region, investing through a variety of market environments. Its investment offerings provide a broad range of choices for building a global portfolio that includes exposure to one of the world’s fastest-growing regions. With $19 billion in assets under management as of December 31, 2010, Matthews employs a bottom-up, fundamental investment philosophy, with a focus on long-term investment performance. For more information about Matthews, please visit

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