Message to Matthews Asia Innovative Growth Fund Shareholders

28 April 2022

Dear Valued Shareholder,

We are pleased to announce that Taizo Ishida has been named Co-Manager of the Matthews Asia Innovative Growth Fund. Michael Oh, CFA, continues to serve as Lead Manager of the Fund.

As Lead Manager on the Matthews Asia Growth Strategy, Taizo has significant experience in identifying fast-growing innovative companies across Asia. As two of Matthews Asia’s longest tenured portfolio managers, Taizo and Michael have worked closely over the past 16 years and have regular discussions about growth companies across the Asia region. This informal working relationship was formalized in August 2020 when Michael became Co-Manager of the Matthews Asia Growth Strategy. The appointment of Taizo represents a similar formalization on behalf of the Matthews Asia Innovative Growth Fund. We expect that Taizo will provide valuable insights into a broad range of innovative companies in Asia and complement the skills and experience of Michael on behalf of the Matthews Asia Innovative Growth Fund. All other aspects of the Fund remain unchanged, including the investment process.

We are very proud of the depth and diversity of the investment team that we have built at Matthews Asia over the last 30-plus years and believe Taizo will make an important contribution as the Co-Manager of the Matthews Innovators Fund.

If you have any questions regarding the Matthews Asia Funds, please visit our website at or contact our team at or +1-415-954-4510. Thank you for your investment in Matthews Asia.

Yours truly,

William J. Hackett
Chief Executive Officer
Matthews Asia
  Robert Horrocks, PhD
Chief Investment Officer
Matthews Asia